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Towards the immediate Rescue of All Abductees! North Korean Human Rights Abuses Awareness Week Essay Competition 2023 / Hosted by Headquarters for the Abduction Issue, Government of Japan Supportes by the Ministry of Justice,and the Ministry of Fotreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Education,Culuture,Sports,Science and Technology

Award-winning essay


“With the world   ~What we can do as high school students~”

10th grade, Shukutoku  Senior High School

 I don't want to tell a lie, so I'll tell what I honestly think about “the abduction.”

I knew that North Korea had abducted Japanese people in the past, but I didn't have much interest in it.

 At such time, my mother showed me the movie “Megumi.” I watched the anime at 1.5x speed. However, now that I think about it, I am ashamed of myself and wonder why I acted in such a way without thinking about the abductees or the person who made the movie.

When I learned about what happened to Megumi on the day of her abduction, and I imagined the fear she felt at that time, I felt anger and pain. After watching that movie, something in my heart clearly changed.

 A while later, I knew there was a lecture by Sakie Yokota, Megumi’s mother, so I attended the lecture and met her for the first time. After hearing her story directly, I felt that she has never given up and is living every minute of her life strongly. On the other hand, she seemed like a normal person to me. In other words, people who were living a normal life just like me suddenly became victims.

 Apart from this lecture, when I heard the words of the family of Miyoshi Soga, another abductee, I realized that it wasn't just an abductee that was robbed, but also very precious time. Even if the abductees return to Japan, the precious time will never come back. I realized that they had been robbed of all the time such as time around the table with family and time with friends at school.

 Now that I understand the feelings of abductees and their families more deeply, what can I, a high school student, do for them?

I am currently studying abroad. Far away from Japan, I am thinking about “the abduction”

and imagine what the abductees and their families feel, and wondering what I can do.

I believe that most Japanese have the same feelings about “the abductions” no matter where they are. Or rather, this feeling should be shared all over the world. However, I suppose that many people in the world don’t know about “the abduction.” I asked my homestay family and friends from countries other than Japan if they knew about “the abduction.” Their answer was “No.”

 In Japan, everyone knows about “the abduction.” However, I realized that there are many people outside of Japan who don't know about it.

Therefore, I believe that talking about “the abduction” with my friends and teachers in countries other than Japan and thinking about positive solutions together with people around the world is what I can do as a high school student.

I believe that we should not only face the issue of “the abduction” within Japan, but the entire world. Let's do our best and never give up until the end.

English Essay High School Category 2nd Prize

North Korean Human Rights Abuses Awareness Week Essay Competition 2023 ​

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